E Park and Sons is one of the few remaining family owned and run potato businesses in existence today in the United Kingdom.
EarthFresh is a Canadian produce company specializing in supplying the retail and foodservice industries with premium fresh potatoes, carrots, onions, beets, fresh greens, and sweet potatoes.
East Point Potato 2009 Inc. is a potato packing operation located on Prince Edward Island
The Russian company Ecosphere LLC is part of a group of companies that have been engaged in the production of utility, road and special airfield equipment of premium class for a long time.
EFC Plants is a French-Egyptian company that produces minitubers and Potato Microfibers.
EkoNiva-APK is one of the leading agricultural holdings in Russia.
Engage Agro is involved in the registration, sales, and marketing of specialized and niche market crop protection products in Canada.
Engie Refrigeration is a Dutch manufacturer of solutions in refrigeration and freezing technology
Eurobatata is a Portugese company offering seed potatoes, packed table potatoes as well as onions and garlic.
Eurogrow Potatoes is the leading supplier of seed potatoes in New Zealand. Eurogrow has been operating in New Zealand since 1984. Trading is primarily in proprietary lines sourced from the leading potato breeders throughout the world.