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  • Potato Supply Chain
H&Foseca is a global Foodservice Company founded in South Korea.
H.F. Stewart is a manufacturer of potato handling equipment based out of Prince Edward Island, Canada. We ship products all across the globe. All our products are made to a high standard of quality with your safety in mind.
Haifa Chemicals is a manufacturer and supplier of Sodium Acid Pyrophosphate, a common additive in the production of french fries.
Naturally home grown Foods is a Canadian manufacturer of kettle style Potato Chips, using brand name "Hardbite Potato Chips".
HARDI is a manufacturer of sprayers and sprayer components for farming, industry and consumers.
Harriston Industries is an agricultural manufacturing plant, with a main concentration on potato equipment.
Hayes Packaging LTD is a manufacturer of potato boxes for potato storage located in the United Kingdom
Heads Up Plant Protectants Inc. is a Canadian manufacturer of Potato Seed Treatment Products
Heartland Farms is a fifth generation irrigated Potato & Vegetable farm operating in five counties of Wisconsin covering 15.000 acres.
Heartland Potato Chips is a Potato chip manufacturer in New Zealand.