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NADEC (The National Agricultural Development Company)

NADEC is the largest company specialized in the production of processing potatoes in the Saudi Kingdom. NADEC production of  potatoes in its four agricultural projects is approximately 100,000 tons.

National Federation of Potato Producers (FENAPP)

National Federation of Potato Producers (FENAPP)

National Institute of Agricultural Research (INIA)

The Institute of Agricultural Research (INIA) of Chile is the state agency for agricultural research and development. It is the main agricultural research institution in Chile, with more than 50 years of experience.

National Institute of Seeds (INASE)

National Institute of Seeds (INASE) objective is to promote an efficient activity of production and commercialization of seeds, to ensure to the agrarian producer the identity and quality of the seed that they acquire and to protect the property of the phytogenetic creations.

National Service for Agrifood Health and Quality (SENASA)

Senasa is responsible for planning, organizing and executing specific programs and plans that regulate production, orienting it towards obtaining safe food for human and animal consumption.

Necap B.V.

NECAP is a dutch manufacturer of High Quality Potatoboxes.


Nedato is a Dutch potato packer for export and retail.

Negonor SAS

Negonor SAS is a leading family owned potato packer in France, operating 9 packing stations throughout the country.

Nene Potatoes Limited

Nene Potatoes Limited</strong> is a farmer controlled business in the United Kingdom that was set up to market potatoes on behalf of its members.


Netafim is the world leader in drip irrigation systems and agricultural projects.