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Oakley's Premium Fresh Vegetables ltd is a producer of Vegetable products based out of New Zealand
Oakville Produce (formerly known as the Moraitis Group) was the biggest fresh potato business in Australia, good for 23 per cent of Australia's AU$625 million potato market. in May 2016, the company went into receivership and is currently for sale.
Ole Ole Foods Industries is a supplier of Halal Food focused on Halal snacks based in Malaysia.
Omnivent Techniek B.V. is a worldwide supplier of complete storage technology.
Gemfresh is a potato producer from the Russian Federation targeting the Russian table and chips market.
Oven LLC is one of the production enterprises of Prikamye that grow potatoes according to new technologies.
CJSC Ozery was established in 1992 on the basis of the Ozery sovkhoz, which has existed since 1939.