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Boema is an Italian manufacturer of food processing equipment, including equipment for the potato processing industry, such as (abrasive) peelers and washers.
CEIA is a manufacturer of metal detectors frequently used in the food industry
Fen is an italian manufacturer of machines to produce a wide range of products like snack pellets.
Italpack is a manufacturer of packing lines to handle SOS block-bottom bags for varied products including potatoes.
Levati, an Italian processing equipment manufacturer, manufactures French Fry lines, Chips lines and Sterilisation Equipment
Martini Srl is an Italian manufacturer of packing machines.
RE PIETRO s.r.l. is an Italian manufacturer of machines and plants for the agro-food industry, including machinery for puffed rice snacks.
The Pavan Group is an Italian company with global reach, manufacturing processing equipment for the food Industry. The Pavan Group sells extrusion systems for snacks, pellets and direct expanded snacks,cereals and pasta and stackable potato chips lines.
Protec is an Italian manufacturer of Electronic Inspection systems and machines for the food industry.
Raytec Vision is a manufacturer of optical sorting technology for fruit and vegetables.