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Dewulf RA3060 Essential

A universal standard configuration of the renowned self-propelled 2-row sieving harvester, based on the feedback provided by growers, with an attractive starting price of €288,000: that is the RA3060 Essential.

With this variant of the R3060, Dewulf is celebrating the 30-year anniversary of this harvester.

The machine offers all the elements for a successful crop, at a keen price. In addition to the familiar heavy-duty characteristics of the R3060, as standard the RA3060 Essential is also equipped with LED lights, 8 infrared cameras and an axial module.
Product Specifications

Specifications of the RA3060 Essential

Dewulf RA3060 Essential

  • LED lighting
  • 8 infrared cameras at fixed locations
  • Preparation for haulm topper (there is a €9,250 surcharge for the haulm topper itself)
  • Quick Change System (quick change kit for diabolos)
  • Harvesting unit 1500 mm (or 1650 mm for a surcharge)
  • Pitch sieving web 1: free choice
  • Pitch sieving web 2: 40 naked, hinge point
  • Pitch sieving web 3: 40 star PVC, overlapping
  • 1 star and 1 eccentric agitator in sieving web 2
  • Axial module with 18 rollers (extra modules possible at a surcharge)
  • Preparation for Easyclean module
  • Ring elevator with rubber flights
  • Extra wheel axle (homologation)
  • Mitas wheel set-up front and rear
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