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Economode Potato Chips Attachments and Accessories

Economode offers Potato Chips Making Plant, with all the potato Chips Making Accessories Equipment, they have Potato Peeling Machine, Potato Chips Slicer, Potato Chips De-watering machine also called Hydro Machine, Potato Chips Flavouring Machine, and Potato Chips Tilting Machine.

Economode Potato Peeler 10 kg /20 kg / 30 kg Per Batch

Bundi Ghool Making Machine:

This mix the Gram Flower and water into a homogeneous paste using specially engineered stirring and mixing system. This Paste is sent to Boondi Forming machine through a geared pump for Bundi forming.

Economode - Hydro and Hydro Tilting Machine 15" 18" 24"

Boondi Forming Machine

This Equipment feed the ready-made Bundi Ghol into the feeder through a screw type pump. The hot oil coming from the fryer in the feeder where the formation of boondi take place & this formed boondi moves into the fryer.

Economode - Potato Slicer 200 kg / 400 kg / 800 kg per hour