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Kuipers Automatic peanut coating unit

Kuipers supplies a unique automatic and continuous peanut coating unit. The unit includes a product collect and feed system as well as a dosing system. The snack producer can use either raw peanuts (&other products) or pre-processed ones, this, however, will consequently affect the frying time.

The nuts are then fed into nine compartments where the coating is gradually applied in nice steps. Within the compartments the product is forced to rotate instead of sliding, this ensures even and solid coating. The product is transported from compartment to compartment via rotating shuffles.

The time the product stays in each compartment depends on the thickness of the coating the client wishes to achieve. The coating can be of any recipe that consists of water and a dry powder product. The machine has its own PLC where various settings can be applied depending on the producer’s coating preference.

After the nuts have passed through the nine compartments and the coating is formed, they are transferred continuously to the frying system via a horizontal product belt. The peanut frying system can also be supplied by Kuipers. Alternatively, the unit can be integrated within an existing plant.
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