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Omnivent's Omnicuro

Omnivent's Omnicuro

Arable farmers with storage facilities for potatoes, onions, carrots, garlic or other rootcrop can look forward to a new storage automated management system which will be launched on the worldwide market soon.

Omnivent presents OmniCuro, the driving force behind efficient and optimal use of storage technology.

In order to guarantee the optimal use, Omnivent's, Research and Development has taken on board all demands and wishes of its clients which has resulted in the new generation storage automation technology.

The result can be summarized in three words: simple, intelligent and cost efficient.

OmniCuro is already available for new and existing stores from 2014 in Europe, and from 2015 also for our customers worldwide.

Optimal storage becomes more and more complicated

With the storage of agricultural products, arable farmers are confronted with climatological circumstances during crop vegetation and storage which influence the way of handling. The modern Storage management system delivers the data and variables as management information. Responding efficiently to, for instance, outside and inside temperature, air humidity and CO2 values is now very simple with the OmniCuro . Apart from these well-known variables, the ventilation capacity, air flow, energy consumption and weather forecast also play an important role in the search for optimal results. In addition, local circumstances and product-related aspects have an effect on the quality of the stored product. Aspects such as soil type, variety and circumstances during the intake op the product for storage.

Storage technology reinvented

The management of all data and the application of data within the storage process require specialist knowledge. Knowledge of arable farming products and storage management are used in an automated total solution for arable farmers and store owners. Omnivent shows that many years of knowledge and experience in the worldwide market can be translated into an unparalleled storage solution based on local climate and supply chain. With OmniCuro, Omnivent presents an intelligent storage solution for arable farmers and store owners, in which intuitive operation, total control and application of location-specific variables are the starting points.

OmniCuro thinks ahead

OmniCuro is operated by means of a state-of-the-art touch screen. In line with the application, the materials used are attractive with a high-quality design.

Naturally, OmniCuro has worldwide access via tablet, smart phone or computer when the App is installed. As soon as the App is opened, OmniCuro by itself is as easy to familiarize with as with the App. The navigation works on its own. Logic operations quickly generate the most important store management data in a clear lay-out. By using location-specific parameters, the situation and for instance the weather forecast, OmniCuro gives the right advice for the settings of the storage accommodation. When the user decides to follow the advice, the settings can be activated with one simple operation. The suggestions (wizards) are generated automatically for the most part and help to reduce and control the energy consumption during storage, amongst other controls.

Development of storage systems

Omnivent’s Omnicuro is in-house developed by the R&D department in collaboration with Dutch farmers specially selected for their experience and the fact they have been a customer of Omnivent for many years. In the Netherlands a pilot project of 30 farmers is testing the OmniCuro. Their feedback and experiences with the OmniCuro are very useful in developing the storage system to an optimal, user-friendly product.

Besides this OmniCuro is one of the examples from the ‘Development of sustainable storage systems’ project of Omnivent. This project is co-financed with the support of the European Regional Development Fund of the European Committee. Other examples of Omnivent’s significant results in reducing energy consumption, noise reduction and environmental responsibility can be found in the development of EC ventilating fans, cooling systems and energy recovery from air flows.