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Photovolt 580-PC reflectance meter

Photovolt's American-made Model 577 is available in three variations: 577PC, 577PC-S, and 577A. These reflectometers are designed to simplify the determination of appearance characteristics, more specifically, they measure color, opacity, hiding power, brightness and tristimulus reflectances.

The Model 580PC-S from the 577 reflectance colorimeter product line is designed to specifically measure the color of potatoes at any stage throughout the production process. The stainless steel enclosure is splash proof and rugged enough for the harshest of factory settings.

This unit features LED display readout, accurate NIST traceable calibration standards, and serial data port for data log-in to PC. Additional accessories allow you to view data on any smart phone or tablet device.

Included Accessories: "D" Search Unit, traceable calibration plaques, amber filter, glass cuvettes and operating software