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Potato Hot Box

Rapid assessment of potato bruising overnight

The Martin Lishman SMQC Potato Hot Box is an economic bruise testing device that assists with crop assessment on-farm before the potatoes go into store or for processing. It can also bring larger processing operations up to date.

Investment in on-farm quality control means less risk of crop rejection after delivery to the customer and storage management decisions based on more accurate information about the state of the crop.

The Hot Box indicates bruise levels after just 12 hours. It has an integral heavy duty fan, thermostatically controlled heater, water reservoir and timer. Separate trays allow periodic sampling throughout the work period. Different models are available to suit different size operations.

Potato Hot Box models available:

Standard model: 5 trays, 125 tuber capacity

Larger models:

  • 10 trays, 250 tuber capacity
  • 20 trays, 500 tuber capacity
  • 30 trays, 750 tuber capacity