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This Package has changed in 2018

This package is now an ADD ON package and needs to be ordered in combination with Premium Listing, starting in October 2017.
You can now expand your Premium Listing with this ADD-ON package that adds our premium Big Box ads to your package. You can set the amount of big box ads to a budget level that you are comfortable with. This premium ad allows you to target your audience by region, page and more. .

We have defined 4 levels of exposure (20, 40 or 60% of the exposure with a Silver Sponsorship) but thanks to the extensive options to target the placing of this ad, it gets seen exactly in the countries and on the pages that are important for your business.

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Product Specifications

What does this ADD-ON package add?

BigBox (336 x280) ad

The Top feature of the Premium Plus listing is the availability of your own BigBox ad (336 x 280, shown above), displayed in the right column of PotatoPro website pages.

The number of impressions is a percentage of the impressions that come with a Silver Sponsorship.

You pick the level:

  • 20%: add USD 500,-
  • 40%: add USD 1500,-
  • 60%: add USD 2500,-
(More doesn' make sense to us, we feel you are better of with a sponsorship, since that gives exposure in every newsletter and in all the sponsorbox)

Due to the extensive options for targeting, the ad can be shown exactly where it works best.

Not only can you pick (news) topics and directory category pages, but you can also select countries, making this an interesting options for companies with promotional needs for a specific topic, in a limited region, or with a limited budget.

Premium Plus Listings are automatically renewed annually

The Exposure of a regular Premium Listing

Since this package is an add-on to the regular premium listing you will have all the features of that package:

In addition to your regular company listing in the PotatoPro Directories, the Premium Listing feature offers an extra listing at the top of each product/category page where your company is listed.


  • If you are the only promoted listing in a product category it can look like this: Example 1
  • If there are more promoted listings, you may get pushed down a page, as existing premium listings and sponsorships will be listed above you: Example 2
Premium Plus Listings are displayed below Sponsorships, but above regular Premium Listings. Keep in mind, the Premium Plus Listing effects all the product categories you are listed for.

Standard Features

A Premium Listing includes all the standard features of your listing on PotatoPro such as:

  • Press Releases and News items related to your company
  • Company Subsidiaries and factory locations
  • Brands
  • Products
  • Contact information
  • Participation in events/trade shows, highlighted
  • Job Listings
  • Social Media
We are constantly working to optimize the PotatoPro website and Newsletters. As a consequence, features may be added, change or disappear during the year.
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