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Sponsorships (Silver, Gold, Platinum)

Sponsorships (Silver, Gold, Platinum)

PotatoPro Sponsorships - available in the levels Silver, Gold and Platinum - offer advertisers a proven combination of PotatoPro's promotional features.

Compare the features of the PotatoPro Sponsorships
A PotatoPro Sponsorship offers advertisers a proven combination of PotatoPro's promotional features.

Sponsorships are offered in three levels, Silver, Gold and Platinum.
All three Sponsorship levels offer the same basic elements.

The difference is all in position and frequency: e.g. The Platinum Sponsorship offers ads in the best positions and has 3 times as much targeted ad space compared to the Silver Sponsorship.

Sponsors can also use the membership feature New in 2019! It shows a logo on the PotatoPro profile of each of your members.

Prices start at USD 5000 / year.

What's the next step?

Do you know what you want? Still have questions?
Send us an Email or SCHEDULE a conference call to discuss or to get you set up.

What's the next step?

Do you know what you want? Still have questions?
Send us an Email or SCHEDULE a conference call to discuss or to get you set up.
Or click the button below to request a quote...
Product Specifications

What's Included in the Sponsorships?

The Sponsorbox (website)

Your advertisement will be displayed in the Sponsorbox on several main pages (such as the homepage), in the News section, including next to each news article and on many pages throughout the directory and product sections.

The sequence of the advertisements in the Sponsorbox is based on the Sponsorship Package. Platinum sponsors appear first, followed by Gold and Silver Sponsors respectively.

BigBox (336 x280) ad

In addition to the Sponsorbox, Sponsors have a large ad (bigbox, 336 x 280) displayed in the right column of PotatoPro website pages with relevance for their products.

Taking into account relevancy, the adspace is assigned such that Bigbox ads of Platinum Sponsors appear three times as often as those of a Silver Sponsorship. Bigbox ads of Gold Sponsors appear twice as often as those of Silver Sponsors.

You can add as many different ads as you want and use different targeting options (e.g. region, pages) for each version!

Exposure in the Directories

In addition to your regular company listing in the PotatoPro Directories your company will be highlighted at the top of each product/category page with an additional highlighted listing.

Companies with a Platinum Sponsorship are listed at the top, followed by Gold and Platinum Sponsors, but above all companies with a Premium Plus or a Premium listing.

Detailed Analytics and Reporting New!

We heard you loud and clear: you want to make sure your ads and content are performing... Luckily, with digital content no guessing is required!
As of January 2019 we offer you:

  • Dedicated real time reporting on the performance of all your content (news, company & brand profiles, products, event presence and more), including anonymized visitor information.

  • Monthly report of your ad performance by platform, including a comparison with a sidewide benchmark

Exposure in Email News Distribution

Your advertisement will appear in ALL Daily and Weekly PotatoPro Email News Updates.

Currently a 160x160 ad is displayed in the newsletters

Platinum Sponsors appear at the top, followed by Gold respectively the Silver Sponsors.

Standard Features

Sponsorships include all the standard features of your listing on PotatoPro such as:

  • Press Releases and News items related to your company
  • Company Subsidiaries and factory locations
  • Agents New in 2019!
  • Brands
  • Products
  • Contact information
  • Participation in events/trade shows, highlighted
  • Job Listings
  • Social Media
We are constantly working to optimize the PotatoPro website and Newsletters. As a consequence, features may be added, change or disappear during the year.
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