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Superior R/K Fryer

No longer offered

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Florigo proudly announce the launched of the “Superior R/K” fryer – an innovative new design of fryer for regular and Kettle or Artisan Style potato chips (crisps).

Featuring parallel oil flow, adapted outfeed plates and a dual zone independent temperature set up, the R/K allows producers to minimize the formation of Acrylamide.

This is effected by creating a large Δ T (30° K) over the fryer, which allows a lower end frying temperature.

Additionally, the dual oil circulation makes it also possible to create a U-type temperature curve, which is typical for batch fryers. This creates chips (crisps) with a harder bite (Kettle-style).

Other aspects which have been looked at during the design of the new fryer are:

  • A homogeneous oil flow through the frying kettle, resulting in accurate retention time of the slices
  • Hygienic design of the frying kettle and transport system
  • Integrated defatting belt
  • Controllable and reproducible process settings
  • Improved access to the internals of the fryer which makes it more friendly for cleaning and maintenance
The first fryer will be installed at the end of February.