tna - roflo® vibratory motion chip sizer conveyor VMCS 3

tna roflo® VMCS 3 is a chip sizer that uses vibratory motion and a chip-sizing pan to separate potato and other root vegetable chips, as well as fruit chips, into larger and smaller sizes.

The pan on the tna roflo VMCS 3 features a range a variable chip-sizing screens with a quick-release function for quick and easy cleaning. These screens won’t get blocked, allowing product to run through without getting stuck or damaged.

The tna roflo VMCS 3 pan can also be used when you don’t need to separate chips by size thanks to product-divert gates – a specially designed bypass feature.

The tna roflo VMCS 3 ensures that the right size product ends up in the right size bag – larger chips in larger bags, smaller chips in smaller bags – to maximise your packaging efficiency.

Standard features

  • Vibratory motion conveyor
  • Pan designed with chip-sizing screen as well as product-divert gates for general conveying
  • Stainless steel execution (exception springs and base)
  • Compact microprocessor controller
  • Continuous welded construction
  • Built-in feedback sensor into the electromagnetic coil
  • Connectivity via a plug and socket

Optional features

  • Chip-sizing screens for different sizing dimensions

Application: The sizing and separation of potato, vegetable and fruit chips.
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All above specifications are subject to change and may differ according to the product, please confirm when placing your order.

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