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Wyma Belt Inspection Table

Wyma's Roller Inspection Table conveys produce for manual and visual inspection.

It has blue rollers for better contrast against produce. The rollers run on a heavy-duty chain around a bed with rubber strips on the top edge.

As the chain moves, friction between the rollers and the rubber strips makes the rollers rotate on the surface of the table.

The rotating rollers make produce rotate as it passes across the table so it is easier to inspect.

The unique drop-out roller allows debris to exit from the interior of the roller bed structure.

There are waste sorting chutes along one or both sides of the conveyor. Conveyors can be provided to carry away waste and graded produce.

A center divider can be fitted to separate produce into two inspection areas.

Multiple sizes are available to suit your specific needs.


  • Blue PVC belt for better color contrast when inspecting or grading.
  • Inspection hatches for easy maintenance and cleaning access.
  • Light frame with fluorescent light for enhanced inspection or grading.
  • Emergency stop pull cord with reset button.
  • Variable speed drive enables the operator to easily adjust inspection rate.
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AStainless side foldings extend beside rollersClean, safe edge with no catch points.
BBlue PVC rollersImproved colour contrast when inspecting or grading.
CInspection hatchesEasy maintenance for cleaning access.
DTraction railsKeeps all rollers rotating together.
EDrop-out roller systemAllows dirt and debris to fall beneath the table, minimising build-up inside the machine.
 Central divider*Creates central lane for waste sorting.
 Variable speed drive*Easy speed adjustment.
 X-lube oil impregnated roller bushesAccommodates both wet and dry produce.
 Heavy duty extended pin conveyor chainDurable and hard-wearing.

* Optional

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Wyma Roller Inspection Table

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