Wyma Rotary Screen Water Recycling System

Wyma's Rotary Screen Water Recycling System removes vegetable matter, debris, and dirt from Vege-Polisher™ wastewater so the water can be reused. Wastewater and debris are collected in the sloped catchment tray.

This wastewater then flows into a rotating drum via an infeed pipe. The drum, made from a perforated sheet, allows water to pass through.

Reusable water is collected underneath the rotating screen in a catchment tank. Debris stays on the screen and is carried by an auger fitted inside the drum to a waste port.

An optional internal cleaning bar sprays water on the outside of the drum to dislodge waste and prevent it from clogging the screen.

The system is available for all the Wyma Vege-Polisher™ range as well as in various heights for seamless integration.


  • Removes vegetable matter and debris and Vege-Polisher waste water.
  • Reduces fresh water usage by up to 70 %.
  • Rotary screen filter removes debris from the filter screen.
  • Rotating brush on outside of screen filter also removes debris.
  • Waste chute Directs waste to a waste bin*.
  • This is replaced by the pressure transducer** when full electrics are purchased.
  • Dump valves: manual or automatic Open valves to flush sediment from tank.
  • Automatic only: Can be set to automatically open at regular intervals. Adjustable feet Easy, level installation.
  • Height adjustable +-120mm.

(* Optional)

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