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Wyma Spool Sizer

Wyma's Spool Sizer gently sizes round produce into two sizes. Our Spool Sizer has a series of rotating rollers fitted with spools set apart at a specified distance.

Produce moves over the spools towards the outfeed by produce pushing from behind, allowing small produce to fall through gaps.

An adjustable handle is used to adjust the distance between the spool rows, varying the size of the produce to be sorted.

An optional cross conveyor can be used to carry sized produce to another stage in your line.



  • Super-soft spools for gentle sizing and soft handling.
  • Easy-access side panels for quick cleaning.
  • Centralized greasing system for increased life expectancy of moving parts.
  • Manual crank handle for sizing adjustment.
  • Can be used as part of a Flat Bed System.
  • Cross conveyors available.*


(* Optional)

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