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Chhajed Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Chhajed Foods is an indian wholesale manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Ready-To-Fry snack pellets and Ready-To-Boil pastas, and marking its presence in the countries like US, UK, UAE, Australia and Africa.

To uphold the finest standard of its products in the market of Ready-To-Fry snack pellets and Ready-To-Boil pastas, Chhajed Foods Pvt. Ltd. introduced its other three esteemed brands marking itself as a leader in wholesale and retail business segments.

FRYLO for its valuable wholesale dealers of Ready-To-Fry snack pellets
PUMPUM known for its significant retail production of Ready-to-fry snack pellets
PASTO, branded for its premium quality pastas in the wholesale sector of Ready-to-boil pastas

The organization’s remarkable success has been chiefly due to its emphasis on extensive use of pioneering processes done by its R&D team, latest technologies, superior plant and machinery, supreme quality raw materials and professionals who are committed to excellence.

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