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Dali Foods Group

Dali Group was founded in the famous historical and cultural city Quanzhou, also known as the cultural capital of East Asia. After more than 20 years of rapid development since 1989, Dali Group has grown into a comprehensive modern food enterprise group with an annual revenue of over 10 billion, ranked the top 500 Chinese private enterprises.On Nov. 11th 2015, Dali Group was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 3799.HK)

Dali Group, based on industry characteristics, has established 18 subsidiaries in 16 provinces and regions across the country through careful layout, and has 30 food and beverage production bases, one mashed potato production base, and one packaging and printing company. At the same time, the Group has built a golden marketing channel which enjoys a good reputation among the industry, and has formed a nationwide marketing network.

Dali Group focuses on food industry and has formed an industrial structure of food and beverages as the two pillars. It uses the branding model of large platform, high density, three-dimensional to enhance the brand image, and the three brands under it, i.e. "Daliyuan" pastry, "Haochidian" biscuits, and "Copico" chips, have been recognized as the leading Chinese leisure foods brands. "Heqizheng" herbal tea, "Daliyuan" peanut milk and "Hi-Tiger" functional drinks are in the leading position in their industry respectively.

Multi-industry and multi-brand development strategy enables Dali Group to become an enterprise with super-large scale and super strength in both food and beverage industry.


Dali Foods Group

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