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Water Gardens Confections, LLC

It all started at the Water Gardens movie theatre in 2014 when theatre employees noticed people were coming in just to buy popcorn. They’d drive all the way to theatre, buy it, and then walk out the door without seeing a movie.

People loved the unique taste of our Salty & Sweet Kettle corn and were driving miles just to get it. Next came our Movie Theatre popcorn and demand skyrocketed. People loved that they could enjoy the genuine taste of our movie theatre popcorn at home in a bag large enough for the whole family.

At first, we popped our popcorn in the Theatre's concession popper overnight while the theatre was closed. We’d load it up in our trusty pickup truck for delivery to grocers in the afternoon.

Three years and at least 100,000 miles later, we don’t deliver our popcorn via pickup, but it is still lovingly crafted in small batches.

You can find our popcorn at hundreds of Associated Food Stores throughout the Intermountain West.

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