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 PPM Technologies
Fluctuations in mass flow can have serious consequences for the product quality in the freezing or frying process.
In addition, not running a line optimally can result in increased downtime, as operators must stop the line to clean the conveying belt. For instance, if too much poultry is loaded onto a belt and is under frozen, operators have to remove the damaged poultry from the production process and sanitize the equipment.

Consistent product flow and mass flow monitoring are vital to an efficient processing line, and can be realized by adding PPM Technologies Libra Mass Flow Systems technology to a freezer and fryer feed. This real-time weighing system, released at the beginning of 2007, is a control system that can be applied to any vibratory conveyor.

The in-line Libra system improves product quality, increases yield and reduces waste by holding the processing line tightly to its optimal flow rate. The technology continuously adjusts the belt loading rate to maintain optimum production and provides consistent and accurate metering and weighing with the use of vibratory conveyors that evenly distribute the product. A food processor using real-time data provided by this technology can automatically adjust processes on the production line to optimize freezing and frying time for a wide variety of products moved on any vibratory conveyor, including poultry, vegetables and snack foods.