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     Herbert Autosort
    RJ Herbert Engineering recently installed a new 1300 Auto-sort and Contractor Unit for one of Sweden’s major potato packers, Svegro.

    Svegro currently operate 3 packing plants in Sweden, and has used Herbert technology to grade their potatoes for several years, progressing from manual inspection to the Upgrader and then took the next step and installed their first Auto-sort in 2008.

    Having seen the improvement in both sorting performance and maintenance requirements Svegro then installed Auto-sorts at their other sites in the following two years.

    The success of the Auto-sort for Svegro is in part a result of the optional size settings for grading, which allows the system to be pre-set to grade the smaller potatoes which are grown in Sweden.

    Herbert’s key distributor in Scandanavia, Goran Jonsson commented,” Svegro has seen a great improvement in the levels of throughput and the quality of potatoes graded at all three of their sites since installing the Herbert Auto-sort.  It has proven to be an excellent addition to the packhouse and a great asset to the business.”

    With more than 8 installations in Sweden, Herbert have an excellent knowledge of the Swedish market which has been built up by their close relationship by their distributor RJ Maskiner. Herbert Engineering has achieved a great deal of success throughout Scandinavia, most notably with electronic grading machinery for potatoes.