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    Penford Food Ingredients launched a potato-resistant starch, PenFibe™ RS, which allows manufacturers to add dietary to a wide variety of food applications. PenFibe RS features a low water-holding capacity for increased solids/bulk without affecting product quality, good recovery of fiber content level after manufacturing and contributes minimal viscosity to food systems. PenFibe RS is a concentrated source of dietary fiber which reduces caloric content of food when higher calorie ingredients are replaced, postprandial glucose levels and is non-allergenic.

    “PenFibe RS is a unique ingredient that delivers both health and functional benefits, in addition to being non-allergenic and maintaining a neutral taste and smooth texture. It’s a great addition to our portfolio of products,"said John Randall, president, Penford Food Ingredients.

    Recommended applications include bakery products, gluten-free food products, sheeted baked and extruded snacks, breakfast cereals, nutrition bars, vegetable sauces, pasta and noodles, yogurt and pet foods.