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    Swedish machine manufacturer Rosenqvists has been busy lately with one of their specialties: industrial fryers.

    Rosenqvists recently installed a frying system designed for potato specialties like: rösti, hash browns, croquettes, pommes duchesse, etc. The fryer operates at a capacity of 2 000 – 2 500 kg/h of finished product.

    During September, they commissioned a newly designed potato chips fryer. The fryer, with a final capacity of 1800 kg/h, includes the latest techniques in oil flow design, reduced total oil volume, optimized controls for easy temperature adjustments, specially designed discharge end with the CATZ system (Cold Adjustable Temperature Zone), etc.

    Today, the Rosenqvists engineers are busy building a complete double frying system for coated French fries, wedges, and other cut potato products. The system is designed for 8 t/h of coated and 10 t/h of normal French fries. The two separate fryers are equipped with full filtration systems: Full flow drum filters, Lakos centrifugal filters and paper filters.

    Source: Rosenqvists