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PMA Fresh Summit
TOMRA Sorting Solutions will showcase its market-leading Halo 500 system at this year’s PMA Fresh Summit Expo in New Orleans. The event takes place in the Ernest N Morial Convention Center, from October 18 to 20 and the Halo 500 can be seen in Booth 5015.

Representing the latest advance in sensor-based optical sorting and grading, the Halo delivers high-performance across of a wide variety of foods. It views and analyzes attributes - such as colors, shapes, blemishes, foreign materials and difficult-to-see defects in product composition - to produce a highly accurate sort.

Jim Frost, market unit manager, TOMRA Sorting Solutions, explained: “Using top and bottom sensor banks to view each object in-flight, the Halo uses a combination of light-emitting diodes, in the visible and near infrared (NIR) spectrum, to perform targeted spectroscopy with 1mm precision. “Offering high capacity, low maintenance, flexibility, gentle handling and consistent, long-life accuracy, the machine provides quality control and feedback via an intuitive touch screen.”

TOMRA says the Halo system’s benefits for customers include: significant labor cost reductions, averaging 80 per cent upwards;yield increases of up to four per cent;low operational costs;up to 25 per cent faster throughput;improved product quality;a faster pack;and speedy return on investment.

Fresh pack Halo applications include: all sizes and varieties of potatoes;carrots;parsnips;onions;garlic;tomatoes;and cucumbers. Processor applications include: peeled and unpeeled potatoes;carrots;peaches;pears;tomatoes;green beans, onions;apricots;and citrus fruits, such as oranges and mandarins.

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Representing the latest advance in sensor-based optical sorting and grading, TOMRA Sorting Solutions’ market-leading Halo 500 system will be showcased at this year’s PMA Fresh Summit Expo in New Orleans.

TOMRA Sorting Solutions creates sensor-based technologies for sorting, peeling and process analytics and unites four strong brands under one roof: TITECH for recycling, TOMRA Sorting Mining for mining, ODENBERG for food and BEST for food and raw materials. This powerful alliance makes the company one of the most advanced providers of sensor-based sorting solutions worldwide.

The alliance provides many benefits and synergies including 15 test and demo centers worldwide, access to a vast array of technologies and a large research and development department. TOMRA Sorting Solutions’ global reach also allows it to deliver an enhanced service offering, with a shared service network ensuring the company is always close to its customers.

For more information visit www.tomrasorting.com.