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    Cornish Sea Salt Company

    Responding to the increased consumer demand for strong traceability and high quality ingredients, British crisp producer Burts Chips is amplifying its provenance credentials using locally sourced Cornish Sea Salt in its top-selling salt variant.

    The Devonshire-based business is working with the Cornish Sea Salt Company, using salt extracted from the Atlantic Ocean at its eco-friendly, purpose-built harvesting plant located just metres from the clearest Grade A classified waters off the Lizard Peninsula.

    Burts Chips marketing director Leane Bramhall said:

    “Taste lies at the heart of the Burts Chips brand. With both Burts and Cornish Sea Salt originating from the South West of England, the collaboration was a natural fit, reinforcing not only Burts provenance credentials but also our commitment to using only the finest ingredients to deliver superior flavours.”

    The salt crystals in Cornish Sea Salt are smaller than those in standard table salt and when added to food the flavour dissolves on your tongue rather than in your stomach.

    “Along with its mineral profile, this results in a more intense flavour meaning less salt can be used to achieve a similar seasoning profile.”

    “With research showing taste to be the top purchase driver for consumers in the premium snack category, Burts has chosen to enhance the flavour of its most popular variety, and by using Cornish Sea Salt it has been able to do so without increasing the salt content of its products.”

    Burts Chips was one of the first brands on the market to tap into the trend towards high quality ingredients with traceability credentials.

    The brand sources the chillies used in its Firecracker Lobster flavour from the South Devon Chilli Farm and, unlike a lot of competitive meat flavoured crisp products that are suitable for vegetarians, they use real chorizo as an ingredient in their Spicy Chorizo flavour.

    Additionally, in line with shoppers increasingly seeking out natural snack options, a number of badges highlight Burts free-from credentials on-pack, including free-from artificial flavours, colourings, gluten and MSG.