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Russet House launches Organic White Fries - available this fall

Demand for Organic foods in both retail and food service continues to soar, compelling Russet House - the third largest sweet potato processor in North America - to announce their launch of Organic White Fries in early fall of 2014.

This comes as a result of the enormous success of their organic sweet potato fries which were introduced just four months ago. The organic line is the most successful product launch in the history of the company.

As leaders in sweet potato innovation, the Russet House team has expanded their expertise to the white fry category filling the need for an Organic White French Fry. Russet House continues to lead the industry in their unique ability to customize products for their customers in both the food service and retail divisions. Their unique steam blanching process preserves the natural color and maintains the nutritional integrity of their fries.

The new Organic White Fry line will consist of 4 SKU’s: A Straight Cut (3/8”) skin on, Crinkle Cut ( ½”), Slender (5/16”) skin on and Red Skin Breakfast Potatoes. The entire line is Organic and Gluten Free.

Michael Zieger the senior VP of Sales and Marketing is extremely excited about this new product launch. He expects the Organic White Fries to surpass the success Russet House has experienced with the Organic Sweet Potato line. Zieger reports this addition will increase sales over 50% with the product mix. He said Russet House will also be expanding their sweet potato line to include more SKU’s and announced that Organic Sweet Potato Puree is now available.

Just like their uniquely processed sweet potato fries the organic white fries will be lightly coated to create a crispier texture and maintain a longer hold time. Russet House is the only processor to offer this and remain Gluten Free. Organic potatoes are all sourced from local farmers in North America.

Russet House is focused on producing products that each customer can call their own. They offer full service retail branding as well as the Russet House brand. For foodservice the Organic White Fries will be packed 6 2/12 lb bags per case.