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Make Your Potato Display Pop With Purple Specialty Spuds

Frieda's Star Spangled Spuds (left) and Stokes Purple® Sweet Potatoes (right)

Celebrate Potato Lover’s Month with a purple flare! Attract shoppers with colorful, specialty varieties on your potato display.

Frieda’s Specialty Produce recommends the following eye-popping potatoes:

Star Spangled Spuds:

Star Spangled Spuds

Grab shoppers’ attention with this mix of Yukon gold, purple, and red potatoes in a 2-pound bag with Frieda’s new bold and brightly colored label.

Purple Peruvian Potatoes:

Purple Peruvian Potatoes

Beautiful inside and out, these purple potatoes provide a great color break and attract shoppers. A- and baby sizes are available.

Stokes Purple® sweet potatoes:

Stokes Purple Sweet Potatoes

Add a purple color break to the sea of orange in your sweet potato display. This beautiful purple variety is also a favorite of fitness enthusiasts and foodies. Also available in organic.

A great way to increase impulse sales is to merchandise these specialty potatoes alongside flavorful shallots, Cipolline onions, elephant garlic, and white, red, and gold boiler and pearl onions.

Interested retailers, wholesalers, and foodservice distributors can contact Frieda’s to find out more about these and other trending products, and gain access to Frieda’s extensive product information, high resolution images, and recipe database.