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Processing Equipment manufacturer Idaho Steel creates 'room to grow'

A view of the building that was recently acquired by Idaho Steel from Del Monte seed operations. On the aerial view in the article is indicated where this picture of the expansion was taken.

Potato Processing Equipment specialist Idaho Steel Products has purchased a property bordering its Idaho Falls facility. This gives the manufacturer of production lines for potato flakes, fries and potato specialties an additional 40.000 square feet of building space and room to grow.

Idaho Steel has purchased an adjoining property from Del-Monte seed operations that borders their current property.

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Aerial view of the current premises of Idaho Steel and the neighboring property just acquired from Del Monte seed operations (Courtesy: Google Maps)

The news was announced last week by Idaho Steel owners Alan Bradshaw, Davis Christensen, and Delynn Bradshaw:

“It is an excellent opportunity for the expansion of our capabilities and space to manufacture.”

This move gives the company that just this year is celebrating its 100-year anniversary, an additional 40,000 square feet of building space and room to grow.

Davis Christensen:

“We are planning for the future.”

The extra space and improvements to the building and property are expected to benefit the fabrication workflow and maximize efficiency, making it not only a great asset for Idaho Steel, but also to the customers they serve.

As such, it is part of the commitment of Idaho Steel, together with REYCO and strategic partner, Kiremko, to be the best option for potato processing equipment and know-how in the industry.

An official grand opening of the expanded facility is planned for early 2019.

Current front of the building of Idaho Steel