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European interest in starch potato protein

A large delegation from the European Parliament paid a visit to Avebe's high-tech vegetable protein plant in Gasselternijveen.

A large delegation from the European Parliament paid a visit to the high-tech vegetable protein plant of the Dutch potato starch cooperative Avebe in Gasselternijveen.

The MEPs Bas Belder, Jan Huitema, Annie Schreijer-Pierik nad candidate-MEP Bert-Jan Ruissen will be there. The member of Groningen’s provincial executive for Agriculture, Henk Staghouwer, and Henk Jumelet of Drenthe’s provincial executive will also be present.

Avebe is the market leader in the area of potato protein for human consumption. The visit by this delegation underlines the importance that the European Parliament and the provincial authority attach to innovative and climate-friendly food production.

Demand for vegetable proteins is on the rise, both in Europe and worldwide. There is a significant market demand for vegetable protein that has the same functional properties as animal protein.

This visit fits in with the European vision that a transition to more vegetable proteins is necessary to feed the world’s population in the long term. Avebe’s process of extracting high-quality vegetable protein from the starch potato responds to the increasing demand for vegetable proteins.

Avebe is celebrating its 100th anniversary!

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Impression of 100 years of potato starch cooperative Avebe!

Avebe started out in 1919 as ‘Potato Flour Sales Agency’, with the company arranging the sales for several independent cooperatives.

Half-way through the twentieth century the factories affiliated with Avebe introduced new products: starch derivatives. This development was given a boost in 1971, when the factories and the sales office merged into a single company. That was when the innovation process really got underway. And since then it’s never stopped.

Much has changed in the past hundred years, but one thing has stayed the same: Avebe is bursting with ambition. And it is with those ambitions that they’ll be celebrating this anniversary year with our members, employees and customers.