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Gary Roth new Executive Director of the Oregon Potato Commission
On May 1, Gary Roth started as Oregon Potato Commission’s new Executive Director.

He has an extensive track record of collaboration, legislative advocacy and implementing successful domestic and international marketing strategies, resulting in market access and new jobs for Oregon agricultural and food businesses during his 30+ years with the Oregon Department of Agriculture and in the private sector.

Gary Roth has served on numerous agricultural and food centric boards, including for the State of Oregon and Governors’ offices.

He has experience in international business and trade development for agriculture and food products.

Bill Brewer, outgoing executive director of the Oregon Potato Commission:

“I have known Gary for many years working with him on several international trade projects.”

“I believe Gary is a very good choice to lead the Oregon Potato Commission and support all Oregon potato growers.”

“He has an effective understanding of Oregon agriculture, international programs, government and marketing. He will bring a lot to the table with the other potato state programs OPC works with and fit-in well with all state and national managers.”
Gary Roth:

“I am looking forward to representing the Oregon potato industry, building on current strengths of the Commission’s programs and aggressively addressing areas of opportunity including potatoes as part of a performance diet and international market access.”

“Bill Brewer leaves big shoes to fill and a top priority of mine will be to extend and amplify the standards he has set for the Oregon potato industry at the national level.”
Mark Ward, Chairman Oregon Potato Commission:

“The Oregon Potato Commission is pleased to have Gary Roth on board as our new Executive Director, with his past experience and credentials in the agricultural sector, we believe Gary will be a great addition to our organization.”
Gary Roth has spent his entire life in agriculture. He was raised on his family’s 300-acre farm in Oregon and graduated magna cum laude from Oregon State University (OSU) and the Honors College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural and Resource Economics.

He also earned his graduate certificate in International Agribusiness at the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom.

The Oregon Potato Commission has a valuable, long-standing relationship with OSU and Mr. Roth says he plans to maintain and further enhance that relationship and looks forward to being a liaison between OSU and the potato industry tri-state partners.

Gary Roth:

“It is a privilege to represent the Oregon potato industry.”

“The hard working men and women of the industry deserve and should expect the best from their Commission.”

“I look forward to applying my experience from across Oregon agriculture and focusing that experience and drive to achieve a tangible, positive impact for Oregon potatoes.”

“It’s a great time and opportunity for the industry.”