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Milestone Digital Transformation Agrico: New Website Live

Milestone Digital Transformation Agrico: New Website Live

For potato cooperative Agrico 2020/2021 is the season of its digital transformation. The first major milestone in this process is the new www.agrico.nl website that was launched last week.

As well as growing innovative varieties, Agrico has worked hard on increasing the professionalism of its organisation in recent years.

A vital component of this drive is the strategic plan Agrico 2030, entitled 'Good Growth'.

Agrico has defined a number of ambitious goals in this strategic plan. Modernising the IT environment and data-driven operation are key to achieving these goals.

To facilitate this, the trader is investing plenty of energy into updating practically all its information systems and platforms. For example, for more than a year intensive efforts have been going on behind the scenes to implement a new information management system (ERP) to automate Agrico's core processes.

The portals, including those for the growers and customers, have also been renewed. Agrico is also planning a considerable expansion of its social media scope and the introduction of new forms of digital conferences and online meetings.

Alternative variety show

These new ways of interaction are motivated in part by the impact of coronavirus which prevents physical meetings and trades fairs.

Accordingly, Agrico had to make the decision to cancel its annual variety show. The company is currently considering a digital presentation of its new varieties to all its customers.

New website live

The first major milestone of Agrico’s digital transformation has now been reached with the live launch of www.agrico.nl. As well as a fresh new look, this platform offers Agrico's national and international partners clearly presented information with a focus on its varieties.

Agrico director Jan van Hoogen has announced that further attention will be paid to this digital transformation throughout the year.

Jan van Hoogen, Agrico director:

“In partnership with these new digital forms, attention for personal contact will remain extremely important to us. This is what has always made us so accessible as a cooperative.”

“It is an integral, core value that we want to uphold.”