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Potato Expo 2021 will offer Live, In-Person and Virtual Experience 

Potato Expo 2021 will offer Live, In-Person and Virtual Experience 

Last January we could never have predicted how the year would play out. In light of the impacts of COVID-19, we knew that the Potato Expo had to change.

We've re-imagined its design and delivery so it can still be the place where the potato community can  COME TOGETHER, RIGHT NOW. OVER POTATOES! Fully recognizing that every individual's situation is different, the Potato Expo's goal is to make it easier for everyone to participate and connect in a way that works best for them.


Here are the changes we have planned so far:

Live, In-Person and Virtual Experience

We're excited to announce that the Potato Expo will be a hybrid event—offering both a Live, In-person event and a Virtual Experience. Exhibitors have three ways to engage with customers:

  • Both through a Live, In-person and a Virtual Experience booth
  • Live, In-person booth only
  • Virtual Experience booth only

If you pre-purchased a booth you will have until October 15th to let us know how your company would like to participate. Information on how to let us know will be sent to your Administrative Booth Contact.

How It'll Work:

Live, In-Person

Your Live-in Person booth will be similar to previous years. The Exhibitor Service Kit will be available in early November. The floorplan is being adjusted to accommodate for reduced traffic.

If you have already registered for a booth, the Administrative Contact will receive your company's new booth number separately.

The Expo Stage and Meet-up Lounges will be held in the exhibit hall but will be separated from the trade show. Additional safety measures will be employed and we will keep you posted as those plans develop.

Virtual Experience

We are excited to offer a Virtual Experience for the trade show. The Virtual Experience offers more opportunities to reach more potato growers than we’ve ever imagined! Your online booth will allow for:

  • Videos: Post videos of your company operations, whether promoting fields of fresh produce, creating value-added products, or demonstrating the newest equipment and technology in real-life settings
  • Resources: Post as many downloadable documents as you'd like about your company and your products
  • Direct Leads: Engage personally with attendees on the platform in live chats or offline messaging
  • Analytics: Track booth visits, downloads, video views and more
  • Longevity: Two-day trade show? Not this time! Your exhibit booth will be open and selling for three months allowing attendees to find you all winter, and you can update your content as frequently as you want

Still need to reserve a booth?

If you did not pre-register a booth space onsite last January, exhibitor registration will open October 15. Email exhibit@potato-expo.com so we can make sure you’re on our email list for updates and announcements.


For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, visit Exhibitor FAQs or email exhibit@potato-expo.com.

We are working with global, national and local authorities to monitor the worldwide pandemic and corresponding travel guidelines. If the feasibility of holding a live component of the event changes we will let you know.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our team at exhibit@potato-expo.com. We look forward to the opportunities the new, now normal can offer the potato community. Thank you for all for your support as we navigate this new direction together.