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New branded Idaho russet potato packaging launched

New branded Idaho russet potato packaging launched

If consumers 'eat with their eyes first', you could say that packaging is the main course. As such, communicating your brand through a unique package can be one of the most powerful tools in the produce aisle, writes Melissa De Leon Chavez in an article for AndNowYouKnow.

Idaho-based ProSource Produce is well aware of this and recently released the first images of its new branded Idaho russet potato packaging. The launch is part of an overall company growth and development strategy aimed at upping brand visibility.

Ryan Popke, Director of Retail Sales at ProSource:
“One of our goals in 2021 is to continue market penetration for the ProSource brand in both potatoes and onions.”

“We're building on our tremendous success in the foodservice sector by expanding our reach into the retail and wholesale segments of the fresh market.”
The new black bags will be available in 3 lb, 5 lb, 8 lb, and 10 lb clear or tinted poly packaging. New mesh bags will reportedly be available in a few weeks.

Ralph Schwartz, Director of New Project Development:
“The bag design is purposeful in so many ways.”

“With premium positioning and a very clean appearance, this bag will help create identity and attract consumers to the fresh potato category, especially with small to medium-sized retailers.”