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Starch Manufacturer Avebe Potato Receiving

Potato Receiving at Avebe Gasselternijveen

On 17 August 2020 Avebe started its potato processing operations at the Dutch locations Gasselternijveen and Ter Apelkanaal and the German locations Lüchow and Dallmin.

All of the potatoes stored in the fields are expected to have been processed by the end of January, and this will be followed by the potatoes in storage. Meanwhile, 60% of the campaign has been completed. Both loading and delivery are going according to plan.

Thanks to the favourable harvesting conditions, the tare percentage is lower: around 4.6 per cent. Overall, the starch content – fluctuating around 19 per cent – has not quite met expectations. The campaign is expected to end at the beginning of May in Gasselternijveen.