Find your mealtime inspiration with the launch of Tasteful Selections next small-bite campaign theme, Inspiration in a Small Bite

New recipes and prizes to inspire consumer’s bite-size potato dishes

In the next two months, follow Tasteful Selections and all the small-bite inspiration! With quick cook times, bold flavors and exciting new recipes, Tasteful Selections’ appetizing bite-size potatoes will be ready in minutes—providing consumers inspiration

Our bite-size potatoes are versatile, flavorful and can offer inspiration for your meals to come. Whether baked, boiled, microwaved or grilled, let our potatoes inspire your creations in the kitchen. Follow along with our recipes, or draw inspiration from them—we are here to be a partner in the kitchen. Find your inspiration with Tasteful Selections bite-size potatoes!

RPE Marketing Director Tim Huffcutt:

“As we move into the next theme of our Small Bite Campaign, we will offer inspiration to our consumers.”

“Flavorful and versatile, Tasteful Selections bite-size potatoes are the perfect muse to inspire your meal. With recipes like Saucy Macaroni & Potato Meatballs, Potato Gnocchi Hash and Passion Chive Potatoes, Tasteful Selections will inspire bite-size potato filled meal-time favorites.”
In this new theme, consumers can win a prize package that is sure to spark inspiration, which includes free potatoes, Kodak Printomatic Instant Camera Gift Bundle, cast iron skillet, cooking utensils, foodie dice and more!

Tim Huffcutt:

“We want to share just how versatile and fun meal planning can be with bite-size potatoes.”

“In the next theme of our Small-bite Campaign, “Inspiration in a small bite”, we hope to inspire new ideas to bring to you and your future meals.”