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Just Crisps is a 100% British Crisps producer operated by the Froggatt Family - using home grown potatoes, sliced with their skins on and cooked in Just Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil, packed in 40g and 150g bags with a range of delicious flavours.

The Froggatt family has farmed in Staffordshire for 4 generations, caring for the land through sustainable farming. During 2005 we saw an opportunity to start producing Rapeseed Oil from our crops and over the next couple of years we worked hard to create a fine culinary oil which is grown, harvested, cold pressed, filtered and bottled on our farm and has won Great Taste Gold awards* in 2008, 2009, 2010 AND 2012 !

As we are constantly working on new ways of blending our light, clear, rapeseed oil with other high quality ingredients and have been growing potatoes on the farm – amongst numerous other crops, it seemed like a natural progression to combine them with our oil and hence launched Just Crisps during June 2011. 

Just Crisps are made from just two wholesome ingredients working together with nothing added but a little seasoning.Just Crisps are produced on the farm where our potatoes are sliced with their skins on to give a rustic look, the starch is washed off giving them a softer bite, cooked in our award winning Just Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil, flavoured by hand, bagged, boxed and delivered to our customers.

The crisps are cooked in small batches to ensure consistently good qualityRapeseed Oil is 35% lower in saturated fat than Sunflower Oil and therefore, unlike others, Just Crisps offer a unique 100% British snack in a very competitive market.

Just Crisps have also won a number of Great Taste Awards as well as a Great British Food magazine Farm Produce Award.

It is our hope that future generations will continue in our tradition, bringing produce to market which is wholesome, nutritious and does not have to travel far from farm to plate.

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