Kiremko PeelGuard
The PeelGuard collects data on the peeled product such as size, defects and peel removed and can also optimize the settings of the steampeeler
Kiremko KnifeGuard
The KnifeGuard uniquely identifies each knife block and verifies that the correct combination of block and alignment tubes is used. Also keeps track of use and maintenance of each knifeblock.
Kiremko WeighGuard
The WeighGuard® is an advanced system for dosing and weighing flavourings and additives that takes into account the line capacity
Kiremko Primary Oil Filter
The Primary Oil Filter filters the oil of an entire frying system, making sure the oil is clean and crumb-free. With the very narrow pass, the POF provides a better result than most other filters installed in this part of a processing line.
The DryGuard® is an advanced measurement device that collects and combines variables like weight, water content, volume and temperature and calculates the dry matter content of pre-dried French fries and other potato products.
H-Flow Conveyor ®
The H-Flow Conveyor® guarantees less product breakage and loss of coating and flavouring, compared to vibratory transfer systems.
Key Technology ADR EXOS™
Key’s Automatic Defect Removal System (ADR) is a unique system that turns a defective potato strip into a good one by automatically identifying and removing flaw areas.
Dewulf Kwatro Xtreme Sieving Harvester
Для фермеров, которые высаживают картофель в ряды с конфигурацией 4 x 90 см (расстояние между рядами) или гряды шириной 1800 мм, Dewulf разработал комбайн Kwatro Xtreme.
Dewulf SC 300 Cultivator
SC 300 – культиватор, предназначенный для крепления перед трактором или позади трактора. Эту машину легко установить на трактор любой модели. Этот надежный культиватор обладает высокой производительностью и исключительно легок в использовании.
Kwatro от Dewulf - это самоходный 4-рядный комбайн просеивающего типа, оснащенный бункером и технологией Flexyclean®.