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Flo-Mech Intake & Storage Equipment
Intake & Storage Equipment
Flo-Mech offers a range of intake and storage systems from smaller capacities all the way up to large systems with multiple infeed and storage bins. They can tailor solutions to your needs.
Flo-Mech Flo-Pump Transfer System
Flo-Pump Transfer System
Flo Mech Pumping systems is designed to gently transfer product from A to B
Flo-Mech Continuous Peeler
Continuous Peeler
Flo-Mech's continuous abrasive potato peeler machine can process up to approximately 6 tonnes of potatoes per hour. Each roller in the potato peeling machine is driven separately.
Flo-Mech Peeler Module
Peeler Module
Flo-Mech Peeler Module is designed to suit the customer’s needs – and whether a batch or continuous peeler system is required
Flo-Mech Finger Grader
Finger Grader
Flo-Mech's Finger Grader is an industrial stainless steel machine for custom sorting potatoes and tubers. The machine is directly adjustable, which means that production can continue while adjusting the settings.
Flo-Mech Station Inspection Table
Station Inspection Table
Flo-Mech's rollers or belt inspection tables are built to last with cutting tables and knives with many options available
Flo-Mech Inspection Module
Inspection Module
Flo-Mech Inspection Module is a product on stainless steel platforms with optional waste conveyors or flumes, integrated equipment, steelwork, decking, stairs, handrail & kick strips.
Flo-Mech Batch Frying (& Oil Heating)
Batch Frying (& Oil Heating)
Flo-Mech offers Batch Fryers for chips in a range of sizes from 120 kg per hour. • For hand cooked, hard bite, kettle style crisps
Flo-Mech Pellet Feed System
Pellet Feed System
Pellet bag filling station structure is manufactured from RHS stainless steel or a mild steel with painted or galvanized finish.
Flo-Mech Box Tipping/Hopper Systems
Box Tipping/Hopper Systems
Flo-Mech offers a range of box or crate tipping and unloading systems along with buffer hoppers to suit your requirements.


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