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Caithness Potatoes is a producer of seed potatoes and potatoes for consumption located in Scotland.
Campotec, a company based on the west coast of Portugal, buys and sells fruit (pomoideae and prunoideae), potatoes and pre-packaged agricultural produce
Canadian Eastern Growers is a family owned business nestled in the rolling hills just outside Drummond New Brunswick.
Canton Hill Farm Inc. is a potato grower from New Brunswick, Canada.
Capital Equipment, located in Quebec, provides equipment to the (Canadian) potato industry either manufacturered in-house or supplied by a wide range of international equipment partners.
Zeiss is a company active in the field of optics and optoelectronics. The company offers a number of sensors of interest for precision farming and for application in the potato processing industry.
Carleton County Spud Distributors Ltd. market their own potatoes and other local growers potatoes, and buy from P.E.I., Quebec, Ontario and Maine. The potatoes are distributed throughout mostly the eastern United States and Canadian seaboard.
Carpenter Farms is a potato grower from New Brunswick, Canada.
Catalytic Generators, LLC manufactures several types of ethylene generators and Ethy-Gen® II Ripening Concentrate. Used in commercial ripening or degreening rooms, these provide easy, safe and convenient production of ethylene. Ethylene is also used as an anti-sprouting agent in potato storage.


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