Established in 1942, the Idaho Grower Shippers Association (IGSA) serves farmers and shippers of Idaho potatoes.
The Idaho Potato Commission is a state agency with many responsibilities, including the promotion of Idaho Potatoes.
The Indian Chamber of Commerce, or ICC as it is popularly known, is the premier body of business and industry in Eastern and North-Eastern India.
The Indian Potato Association (IPA), located in Shimla, was founded in 1974 with the objectives to advance the cause of potato research and development.
INIAP generates and provides appropriate technologies, products, services and specialized training to contribute to sustainable development of the agricultural, agro-forestry and agro-industry. One of its programs, Programa Nacional de Raíces y Tubérculos, works with potato crop.
PROPAPA represents the consolidation of an operating unit of services, production and research with a strong emphasis on the potato crop.
Международное Агентство Конгрессного Обслуживания (МАКО) - профессиональный организатор научных и деловых мероприятий. Дата основания компании 2011 год. Головной офис находится в Москве, также офисы в г. Санкт-Петербург и в г. Владикавказ.
The International Potato Center or Centro Internacional de la Papa (also known by its Spanish acronym, CIP) seeks to reduce poverty and achieve food security on a sustained basis in developing countries.
The Irish farmers' Association looks after the interest of farmers in Ireland.
The Irish Potato Federation represents the potato packers and potato growers in Ireland