Advait Agrotech Private limited is based in Gujarat, India. The company is specialized in potato cultivation, contract farming, wholesale supply, bulk storage and exports. Advait Agrotech has been delivering potatoes to Supermarkets, wholesalers, hotels, restaurants and caterers for 25 years.
ООО «Агролайн» является представителем европейских компаний по оборудованию для хранения, доработки и упаковки картофеля и овощей.
Agrovent-M is a Russian food storage manufacturer specialising in fruit and vegetable storage and greenhouses.
Agroventilatie is a Potato Storage Solutions Manufactutrer based out of the Netherlands.
Allround Group is specialised in machines for washing and grading of vegetables and potatoes (Allround Vegetable Processing B.V.) as well as storage equipment for potatoes , onion, carrots and other fruits and vegetables (Allround Storage).
Cornerstone Systems Ltd. is a Tempereture Storage Monitor producer based out of the UK.
Crop Systems Ltd from the United Kingdom designs and installs potato and crop storage controllers and equipment for farmers, growers and produce suppliers
Gorman Controls Ltd. is a specialist in the development, manufacturing, installation, and servicing of agricultural storage systems.
'Гримме-Русь' является дочерним представительством немецкого завода GRIMME, изготавливающего современные, надежные и высокопроизводительные машины для посадки, ухода, уборки, доработки и закладки на хранение картофеля, а также уборки сахарной свеклы.
Industrial Ventilation Inc is a supplier of potato storage ventilation systems.