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Tummers washing lines for processing fruit and vegetables

Tummers continues to invest in the development in the washing and destoning market, ensuring that they continue to be the market leaders.

Tummers has the widest input range available on the market (5t/hr – 160t/hr) and continues to develop for more efficiency and better quality.

  • Innovative with self developed, proven, technologies
  • Optimal washing qualities
  • Exclusive Tummers Food Processing Solutions designs, which improved the process significantly
  • Tummers Food Processing Solutions can offer complete washing solutions in any situation

More information on Tummers Food Processing Solutions washing lines

In the washing process for potatoes and tubers (e.g. carrots, kohlrabi, celeriac and cassava) the product is rapidly stripped of earth, stones and other pollutants. Tummers Food Processing Solutions can put together the ideal combination of machines based on your wishes and requirements of your final product.

Purpose developed washing lines mostly include machines for removing dirt and stones, wet and dry washing, separation and drying.

Tummers Food Processing Solutions focuses on sustainability and quality with the development and engineering of washing lines. In doing so, the aim is always to obtain an optimum combination of raw material and energy consumption, a high quality final product and as little damage and waste as possible.