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Space plasma experiment on the International Space Station (ISS). Plasma Kristall-4 is shown here

Cold plasma could make bad frying fat odours a thing of the past

декабря 04, 2016
Bad smells from deep-fat frying in restaurants and take-away food venues could soon be eradicated thanks to experiments funded by ESA on the International Space Station.
Colourful Perupas of potato company HZPC nominated for Fruit Logistica Innovation Award 2016

Colourful Perupas of potato company HZPC nominated for Fruit Logistica Innovation Award

января 18, 2016
HZPC proudly announces the nomination of their potato concept WOW! Colourful Perupas® for the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award 2016.

German Food Companies Say No to Genetically Modified Potatoes

апреля 27, 2010
According to the results of a survey released this month by the German branch of the environmental organization Greenpeace, a number of snacks and fast food giants including Burger King, McDonald's, German seafood chain Nordsee and chipmaker Lorenz Sna...
Bane Knezevic

Interview with Branislav Knezevic, President Western Division McDonald's Europe

ноября 27, 2009
Branislav (Bane) Knezevic, President Western Division of McDonald’s Europe was interviewed by Mike Dawson, editor of Lebensmittel Zeitung. Mike Dawson was looking for a fast food and global brand man’s view of food retailing in order to gain some cross...
McDonald's Green logo in Europe

McDonald's logo gets green background in Europe

ноября 26, 2009
McDonald's will swap the traditional red backdrop for a deep hunter green to offset its Golden Arches across German in an effort to promote a more eco-friendly image, the company said Monday. The change is to occur in about 100 German McDonald's rest...
Emblemático logo de McDonald's cambia de color por el medio ambiente

Emblemático logo de McDonald's cambia de color por el medio ambiente

ноября 25, 2009
Como una forma de ponerse a tono con la preocupación mundial por el medio ambiente, la mayor cadena mundial de restaurantes, McDonald’s, cambiará el rojo por verde en su logo en los locales de Europa. “Con esta nueva imagen queremos dejar clara nuestr...

Jim Skinner: McDonald's well positioned in face of recession

ноября 14, 2008
McDonald's Corp is shielded against recession and has hardly been hit by the international financial crisis, Chief Executive Jim Skinner was quoted as saying on Thursday."Worldwide turbulence is barely affecting our business,"Skinner told Ger...

McDonald's: Qualitätskampagne 'Wissen wo's herkommt'

октября 27, 2008
Vor wenigen Tagen startete McDonald's Deutschland mit TV-Spot und Anzeigen eine neue Kampagne. Ziel ist es, die regionale Herkunft der Produkte, die beim Marktführer verkauft werden, zu kommunizieren. Als Beispiel dient die Kartoffel:McDonald's nimmt r...

Organic Meets Fast Food at Munich Fry Boutique

июня 16, 2008
Europe is crazy about organic food and the trend has been growing steadily over the past several years. But can organic break into the fast food market? A French fry shop owner in Munich is convinced it can. "It's complete nonsense,"said Bern...

Healthy fast food not easier on the heart

августа 16, 2007
So-called "healthy"fast-food alternatives to the classic burger, fries, and soft drink, appear to have similar effects on the cardiovascular system, new research suggests. A single fast-food meal impairs endothelial function, lead investigato...


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