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Japan’s Top Potato Chip Maker Calbee to Raise Prices Up to 20%

Japan's Potato Chip Manufacturer Calbee to Raise Snack Prices Up to 20%

июня 23, 2022
Calbee Inc., Japan’s answer to Frito-Lay with an enormous product line-up ranging from pizza-flavored potato chips to low-carb granola, is raising prices again as companies struggle to absorb costs
Google hypes the Pixel 6 in Japan with bag of Google Original Potato Chips

Google's next flagship product in Japan: potato chips

сентября 21, 2021
Google is going all out to advertise its next flagship phone around the world. In Japan, it offered 'Google Original (Potato) Chips' to highlight the new Tensor SoC in the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.
Binegaaa! potato chips: Calbee educates Japan on salt & vinegar

Binegaaa! potato chips: Calbee educates Japan on salt & vinegar

августа 28, 2020
Salt & vinegar may be a popular flavor in the United States (4th place) and even more so in the UK (2nd place), but it ranks nowhere in the top choices for Japanese consumers, who usually prefer plain salted, nori seaweed and salt, beef or chicken stock (consomme), sour cream or wasabi.


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