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Chips and Snacks

Chips and Snacks

Pop Weaver® Popcorn is a leading national brand of microwave popcorn in the United States made by Weaver Popcorn Company, Inc.
Popchips, Inc. is a manufacturer of snacks prepared by "popping", rather than frying or baking. Popchips uses potato, rice and grain as ingredients. Popchips inc was formed in 2007.
Popcorn, Indiana - named after a real place - is a manufacturer of popcorn committed to produce handcrafted better-for-you snack products.
Prataap Snacks is a savory snack manufacturer in India. Prataap Snacks Private Limited (Prataap) is a part of the BCM Group
Precolisto is a Colombian Distributor of process food products.
Pretzels Inc is a US manufacturer of Pretzels and extruded corn snacks
Preziosi Food is an Italian manufacturer of sweet and savory snack products
Procesadora Andina de Papa S.R.L. (Pa&Pa) is a potato processor in Bolivia manufacturing both frozen french fries and potato chips.
Productos Hermanos Sojo, SLL is a manufacturer of potato chips in Seville, Spain offering their potato chips branded Patatas Fritas Bandera, Los Peques or La Perdiz
Proper Snack Foods Ltd hand cooks the New Zealand potato chips branded Proper Crisps, fried in sunflower oil and prepared with all natural ingredients.