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Chips and Snacks

Chips and Snacks

Smart Alex Foods offers great-tasting popped Multi Grain Tortilla Chips.
Snack Alliance, Inc. is a North American snack food company with manufacturing facilities in Hermiston (Oregon), Bristol (Virginia) and Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada).Snack Alliance product lines include potato chips, tortilla chips, cheese snacks, corn chips, popcorn, and several other products.
Snack Brands Australia is an Australian Snack Food manufacturer.
We are a word leader in the production of snack pellets. Focussing on innovation and quality, our products offer a distinct texture and crunch, and are available in a wide range of shapes. We are experts in healthy snacking, offering products made from lentil, chickpea, pea, corn, low salt and fat.
Snack Factory LLC, based in Princeton, New Jersey, was founded by snack food pioneers Sara and Warren Wilson in 2004. The Wilsons pioneered the first flat pretzel-shaped cracker under the Pretzel Crisps® brand
Snack Food Poco Loco NV is a manufacturer of a range of texmex products including tortilla chips for retail and foodservice.
Snack City is a recently established potato chips brand in Pakistan, by the company Ismail Industries Limited.
SnackCo is a Utah (US) based manufacturer of potato chips (continuous lines), kettle fried potato chips (batch fried) and potato based pellet snacks under the LantChips, Pioneer Chips and Imperial Crisps brand.
Snak King is one of the largest snack food manufacturers on the West Coast of the United States.
SNAPLETS is a brand of snack pellets produced by Biscolata Al Halabi Food Industries. The company offers an infinite range of snack pellets of different raw material bases, shapes, and textures.