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Penobscot McCrum potato factory

Penobscot McCrum Potato Factory Won't Be Rebuilt After Fire, Company Shifts Focus to Washburn Facility

March 27, 2023
The Penobscot McCrum potato factory in Belfast will not be rebuilt after a massive fire destroyed the facility one year ago.
Potatoes in the field

Pakistan and Korea Collaborate on Aeroponic Technology for Seed Potato Production to Reduce Import Costs

March 27, 2023
Pakistan and Republic of Korea are working jointly on seed potato production through Aeroponics technology and 2nd generation crop is ready to harvest at PARC-National Agricultural Research Centre Islamabad.
Patata Temprana en Mallorca

La última borrasca provoca la pérdida de más de la mitad de la patata temprana en Mallorca

March 26, 2023
Se calcula que, como consecuencia del paso de la borrasca Juliette, las pérdidas en patata temprana en Mallorca ascienden a más de la mitad de la cosecha.
Primaline potatoes 40x30 package

Extra early Primaline potatoes available in France.

March 25, 2023
One month ago, Prince de Bretagne started harvesting the extra early Primaline potatoes grown under shelter. The harvest will continue until the end of April, before the open field crops take over.
Rashida potato variety

HZPC potato variety Rashida promising for Greek market and beyond

March 25, 2023
The new HZPC potato variety Rashida is a true all-rounder. Underneath the good looks, there is a robust variety that copes well in all conditions. And that makes growers, packers and consumers happy.
Potato cultivation in Bangladesh

Growing international demand for potatoes from Bangladesh

March 24, 2023
Potato exports from Bangladeshi farmers supported by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) continue to grow, as producers came together recently to celebrate another year of success.
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Vanmark Vine Remover

Vanmark Announces New In-Plant Vine Remover Machine for Potato Processors

March 23, 2023
Vanmark, an industrial potato and produce processing equipment manufacturer, announced the launch of its vine remover machine. The new machine removes vines from potatoes as they come in from the field.
Cavendish Hash Browns

Cavendish Farms Wins 2023 Product of the Year Canada Award

March 23, 2023
It is time to update your shopping list. Cavendish Farms announced that it has won the prestigious Product of the Year Canada Award for its All-Day Breakfast Mini Quick Cook Hash Brown Patties.
Potatoes in the bag

Bermuda may face local potato shortages

March 22, 2023
The local potato crop in Bermuda will be cut in half following the late arrival of seedlings, farmers organisation claims.
Arguiñano reveals his biggest secret

Arguiñano revela su mayor secreto: el truco del 6-3-1 para una tortilla de patatas increíble

March 21, 2023
La tortilla de patatas es un plato tradicional que Karlos Arguiñano ha preparado durante años con su gran secreto, un truco que hará que quede perfecta. Más allá del debate de si se añade o no cebolla o el tipo de aceite que usamos para cocinarla, debemos tener en cuenta esta forma de cocinarla de Arguiñano.


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