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Winnaz Potato Chips plant in Rwanda scales up production five-fold
January 25, 2018
The Hollanda Fair Foods potato processing plant in Rwanda, which produces the Winnaz Crisps brand, is set to scale up its chips production capacity five-fold.
Government Rwanda plans privatisation of Nyabihu Potato Processing Plant
January 04, 2018
The Government of Rwanda is in the process of privatising the Nyabihu District-based potato processing plant amid tight market and low production capacity, according to the The New Times.
Nigerian firm Blackpace acquires potato chip manufacturer Ndiyo in Rwanda
November 12, 2017
BlackPace Africa Group has bought Ndiyo Business Group, a major producer of salted potato chips in Rwanda.
Olusegun Paul Andrew, the chairman of BlackPace Africa Group (left) and Clare Akamanzi, CEO of the Rwanda Development Board (right) exchange documents
September 07, 2017
The government of Rwanda has signed a multimillion dollar deal with a Nigerian investor, the Blackpace Africa Group, to revamp and develop Rwanda’s potato industry and help make the country a key producer and exporter of potato products.
Potato Processing Plant Rwanda not buying potatoes, say Nyabihu farmers
June 09, 2016
Potato farmers in Nyabihu district in Rwanda are at crossroads after a factory recently built in their region has failed to buy all their potatoes.
Winnaz potato chips take on Lay's in Rwanda
May 04, 2016
Pascal Murasira, co-founder and managing partner of Rwanda-based Hollanda FairFoods, tells about the opportunities and challenges for his company that manufactures potato chips under the brand name Winnaz.
Opening Potato Processing plant adds value for farmers in Rwanda
March 11, 2016
In Rwanda a new potato processing plant was opened, with the capacity to produce four potato products; chips, french fries, whole peeled potato, and whole cleaned potatoes for sale to super markets and schools.
Rwanda potato farmers to get Processing Plant
October 23, 2014
Plans are underway to construct an Irish potato processing plant in Musanze District to cut down post-harvest losses, Tony Nsanganira, the State Minister for Agriculture, has said.